The extra-curricular programme provides a variety of opportunities for creative expression and the development of new skills.


Physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle have a natural place in the UWC movement’s holistic approach to our student’s self-development.


It is the beginning of “making the world a better place” by overcoming barriers and differences in order to help others.

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UWC Adriatic has grounded its education on such principles from the outset with its mission to ‘welcome young people at the threshold of adult independence and guide them on the way to being compassionate and conscientious individuals. The UWC educational model and the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) element of the IB Diploma Programme make volunteering an essential formative experience for our students. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves through endeavours which push them out of their comfort zone, thus developing empathy, planning skills, independence and a strong sense of responsibility for others’ well-being.

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Musical Performances from  the Closing Ceremony

Musical Performances from the Closing Ceremony

This year has been really tough for all of us, and especially for the college musicians who usually hold many concerts throughout the year. This video represents a successful outcome of our Music Creative Activities.

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Giovani Volontari In Azione

Giovani Volontari In Azione

A conclusione del progetto Giovani Volontari in Azione, che nel corso del 2020 si è tenuto online, ecco un breve video con i momenti più salienti dei nostri meeting e con alcune testimonianze su cosa il volontariato rappresenta per i giovani.

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“The ultimate measure of a human being is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


“We learnt disability doesn’t say STOP, but finds new ways of communicating.”

“I have never met anyone with an inner strenghts like theirs (kids from Via Piccardi)”

“Through social services we enter unexplored territory, experience the
lives of others and have impact on them.”

“Experience and challenges gained through  social service are indispensable part of education at UWC Adriatic.”

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