The service consists of organising creative and physical activities, such as arts and crafts, karaoke, mosaics, pantomime, presentations of countries, teaching languages, dance, ball games, etc. The challenge is to make a human contact, where this requires some patience, perseverance and humility, and to be creative and organised in coming up with ideas and carrying them through. The project will require enthusiasm and initiative, and above all, a friendly and positive attitude.   

Session 18, 22/04/2021

Session 17, 18/03/2021

Session 16, 11/03/2021

Session 15, 04/03/2021

Session 14, 11/02/2021

Session 13, 28/01/2021

Session 12, 21/01/2021

Session 11, 14/01/2021 

Session 10, 16/12/2020 

Carissimi, Buon Natale!

Fateci sapere se vi piacerebbe che recitiamo qualche scena di un film.

Session 9, 10/12/2020 

Session 7, 26/11/2020 

Ciao ragazzi,

Oggi Giuseppe vi sta leggendo La camicia dell’uomo contento scritta da Italo Calvino.

Visto che ci pensiamo tanto a voi, vi abbiamo preparato delle carte che abbiamo creato e che potete caricare e stampare.

Ci mancate tanto!

Session 6, 19/11/2020 

Vimbuza – a healing dance from Malawi

Vimbuza is inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Vimbuza is a healing dance popular among the Tumbuka people living in northern Malawi. It is an important manifestation of the ngoma, a healing tradition found throughout Bantu-speaking Africa. Ngoma, meaning drums of affliction, carries considerable historical depth and, despite various attempts over the years to suppress it, remains a fundamental part of indigenous healthcare systems.

Couper décaler – a popular dance from Kongo

Session 5, 12/11/2020 

Session 4, 29/10/2020 

Session 3, 22/10/2020 

Nessun luogo è lontano

di Richard Bach

Session 2, 15/10/2020 

Session 1, 08/10/2020 


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