A group of lively people with disability come on a daily basis to this centre and they most welcome, together with the staff, the company and initiatives of College students, especially in the fields of arts and dance.
Activities: Mosaic, art and craft – playing music and singing together.

Session 18, 22/04/2021

Session 17, 18/03/2021

Session 16, 11/03/2021

Session 15, 04/03/2021

Session 14, 11/02/2021

Session 13, 28/01/2021

Session 12, 21/01/2021 

Session 11, 14/01/2021

Session 10, 16/12/2020 

Carissimi, Buon Natale!

Fateci sapere se vi piacerebbe che recitiamo qualche scena di un film.

Session 9, 10/12/2020 

Session 7, 26/11/2020 

Ciao ragazzi,

Oggi Giuseppe vi sta leggendo La camicia dell’uomo contento scritta da Italo Calvino.

Visto che ci pensiamo tanto a voi, vi abbiamo preparato delle carte che abbiamo creato e che potete caricare e stampare.

Ci mancate tanto!

Session 6, 19/11/2020 

Vimbuza – a healing dance from Malawi

Vimbuza is inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Vimbuza is a healing dance popular among the Tumbuka people living in northern Malawi. It is an important manifestation of the ngoma, a healing tradition found throughout Bantu-speaking Africa. Ngoma, meaning drums of affliction, carries considerable historical depth and, despite various attempts over the years to suppress it, remains a fundamental part of indigenous healthcare systems.

Couper décaler – a popular dance from Kongo

Session 5, 12/11/2020 

Session 4, 29/10/2020 

Session 3, 22/10/2020 

Nessun luogo è lontano

di Richard Bach

Session 2, 15/10/2020 

Session 1, 08/10/2020 


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